What is a microschool?

A microschool is a small, independent educational setting that offers a personalized approach to education with individualized instruction that can be tailored to each student’s learning style, strengths, and weaknesses. Microschools often use project-based learning and other innovative teaching methods to engage students and foster a love of learning, and can be a good option for families who want more control over their children’s education or for students who need more individualized attention.

A school that customizes learning for all ages

Students of various ages will come together to share and plan out their day.

Learning is not a rush from one narrow idea to the next, but fit to each student’s needs.

Members of the school value the differences and learning of all.

Students learn individual responsibility and shared ownership

Students take individual responsibility for learning.

Students have a shared voice in the school community.

Students take responsibility for the cleaning and care of the school space.

A microschool that goes beyond testing

Students will prove their learning through the production of projects.

Parents can choose to have students take a state standardized test or have a portfolio prepared.