The time to sign up for HOPE is fast approaching. The only time to sign up this year for the coming school year will be from March 1st to May 15th. Check the HOPE Scholarship website to make sure you can apply.

January 22nd to 28th was School Choice Week in WV. Eyes and Brains STEM Center has a great time in Beckley and Morgantown for events organized by the FUE and the Cardinal Institute. Follow these links to learn more about the work of the FUE and the Cardinal Institute.

lego robotics camp elkins wv

Did your student miss out on the robotics for the 2022-23 season? Here is a chance to see if it is a fit for them before the 2023-24 season starts. Follow the links to sign up for the three-day event that matches the grade they will be in next school year.