Welcome to the Eyes and Brains STEM Center Newsletter

I am excited to have you joining us on the Journey to opening up Elkins’s first microschool. These newsletters will be used to share information on the development of the microschool as preparations are made for the opening of the school in August.

The Mission

Many parents and students find that their needs are not being met by the schools available in the area. It doesn’t work to try and fit every student into the same mold. In addition, the competitive structure of schools creates stress and anxiety for many students. Still, not all parents have the option of homeschooling their students. This is where the Eyes and Brains STEM Center can help.

First, parents, students, and the instructor will work together to create an adaptive individualized plan for each individual in the school. Next, grades and homework will not be relied upon to monitor progress. Then, by offering a schedule to fit working parents and a truly small class size, the needs of parents and students can start to be met.

Honestly, this only scratches the service of how Eyes and Brains STEM Center will work to offer a different educational experience in Elkins. If you would like to schedule a call to learn more, please email.

A good time was had by all that stopped by the Eyes and Brains table that was set up at this past Saturday’s Spring Event. I joined several other groups that were participating in the event, sponsored by Youth Health, held at the Elkins train station. Those kids that stopped by had a chance to make a bubble blower using different combinations of straws. Although the wind made things challenging many bubbles were blown!

Currently, the next event that Eye and Brains will be at is the Child Advocacy Centers Champions for Children dinner on May 13th. I will be running the children’s activity table at that event. I am looking forward to the event and hope that those interested get tickets and stop by!