Taking advantage of the Randolph counties spring break a the Eyes and Brains STEM Center hosted a Robotics Camp. During this three-day event, 22 students were given the opportunity to experience LEGO robotics. This gave them the chance to gain hands-on experience with robotics in a short period of time and learn about the exciting world of robotics and engineering. The students created original builds, programmed them to move, and shared their creations. It was an incredible experience that was sure to inspire these students to further explore the world of robotics. It is expected that many of the participants will come back for the fall robotics season.

April 9th the Eyes and Brains STEM Center took part in the Spring Fling hosted by YHS. This was the second year participating in the event. A interactive table was set up where kids had a chance to create a bubble blower and hold mist filled bubbles. There was fun and excitement had by all that stopped by!

Make note registration has opened for the next season of robotics. The season will start the first week of September, but registration will close at the end of August. To sign up simply go to eyesandbrains.org/robotics.

Building on the robotics and engineering theme a weekly event starts this Friday 4/14 for K to 1st Graders. This will be a time for this younger group to take on build challenges and start to develop skills in teamwork and planning. Current dates are set through August and once registered days of attendance can be picked.

Coming Up

The last Adventure Day of this school year will be help on April 18th. There is still time to register through the Old Brick Playhouse website. We will be exploring color for the STEM portion of the event this time! These partnered events with the Old Brick Playhouse have been a great experience and are something that will be continued in the coming school year.

The Eyes and Brains STEM Center will be running the kids table at the Child Advocacy Center’s banquet again this year. It is great that we have this opportunity to continue to support this important organization.

There will be details soon about a STEM event for the first full week of June.

The second school year for the microschool will start July 17th!