Here is what is happening at Eyes and Brains STEM Center.

The journey continues as we make progress on opening up Elkins’s first microschool. Below is information on what we have been up to and what is being planned for the next couple of months.

Eyes and Brains STEM Center was grateful to have had the opportunity to host the kids’ table at the Child Advocacy Centers’ Annual Fundraiser this month. Children attending the event had the opportunity to build a clam-down bottle that doubled as a lesson in density. This offered a chance for a combination of STEM learning and mental wellness. It was a fun and successful night.

Brochures and fliers have been distributed to several businesses around the downtown area. This has already stirred up interest in the Eyes and Brains STEM Center. Work will be continuing to get make Elkins aware of the school and build up partnerships with the local businesses.

The Hope Scholarship application window has closed as of May 16th, but they do have a form for late applications. If you need to apply still and need help finding this please reach out. We will be happy to help you with getting and submitting that form.

If you have not done so already make sure and check out the Instagram account. 

Videos on STEM activities and Reels on education are being added there.

Plans are in the works for Eyes and Brains STEM Summer camp. The June Newsletter will be focused on the details of the summer camp. Here is what is known currently. There will be a K to 2nd grade and a 3rd to 8th-grade session held in July. Both will be 3-day sessions providing students the opportunity to complete STEM focused activities. There will be a fee to cover the cost of the camp, but those enrolled in the Eyes and Brains STEM Center will be able to attend at no additional cost. There will also be an open house event following the camp.