Materials: (feel free to make substitutions)

  • empty disposable water bottle
  • 2 pencils or a pair of chopsticks
  • 2 spoons with just the “scoop” portion
  • rubber bands
  • scotch tape, hot glue gun, craft glue (any of these)

Step 1:
Stick the pencils/chopsticks onto the water bottle. You may use scotch tape and rubber bands to make sure it is secured.

Step 2:
If you have a hot glue gun at home, that will be the best. Otherwise, you may use craft glue or tape to stick the 2 scoop end of the spoons together. Make sure the 1 spoon is facing up and the other is facing down. See the picture for help.

Step 3: 
Tie the rubber band near the end of the chopsticks and if you can hot glue the spoons to the rubber band. This is to secure the spoons to the rubber band so that it won’t fall when we wind up the rubber band later. It will still work if not glued and you can attempt to attach it in other ways such as tying the rubber band onto the spoons.

Step 4:
The boat is done! Get a tub of water and you can start playing with the rubber band-powered boat by winding up the spoon propeller. Test it and see how you can improve it further to make it more powerful!